At long last: 30 years after the actual journey and nearly a year after I first contacted Amazon about publishing my book, it’s finally done – 320 pages with loads of pics, mostly in colour. ???
The title has become “Man On a Mission” with the sub-title “Pack-saddling the National Trail”.
It’s available right now as an eBook on (and probably on Kindle) for $11.99.
There’s another option at that point, to go to the print version. However, someone has made a mistake because it’s listed at the wrong price of $75.67 including postage whereas it’s actually $33.95 plus postage. I’ll have some author copies in my possession by 17th February and I’m happy to mail out at $33.95 plus postage. Early next week I’ll know the postage cost. Meanwhile, I’m happy to take any orders subject to confirming a postage cost – payment deferred until then.
The journey lasted 8.5 months (260 days) and covered about 5,330 kms. There were on-air sessions with Macca on “Australia All Over” struggles with weather, money, horse sores, and some dangerous situations. However a very rewarding and satisfying trip overall. Other riders joined me for parts of the trip but it was mostly solo, with 3 horses. During one stopover I was able to arrange a publisher for Cliff Young’s book. Loads of very memorable experiences.