Crisfloat 14ft Royal


IN STOCK: (SOLD) Royal 2HAL with 45L water tank-guard, recessed door handle, 2 saddle poles & bridle hooks in front tack box, adjustable dividers $21,375   Specifications 14ft Royal Straight Load 14ft Royal Angle Load Number of horses 2 2 Inside height 2.35m 2.35 Inside width 1.9m 1.9m Inside Length 4.0m 4.0m Mass - A.T.M. [...]

About Crisfloats

The Crisfloat comes standard as an extended float to cater for the upcoming demand for bigger horses as well as  catering for even the smallest of ponies, while at the same time providing for a more comfortable and humane  means of transport.  The chassis and all exposed steel parts are hot dipped galvanized, recognised as [...]

Crisfloat 2HSL


In stock: (SOLD) *  Grand National Deluxe, tack box, breech gates with bolt, water tank $17,790 Specifications                 11ft 6" Grand National Standard                11ft 6" Grand National Deluxe Number of horses                     [...]