Project Description

All floats on order can be changed/altered/prioritised, prior to build commencement – contact us regarding your custom requirements.


3HAL –  front tack box, side rug rack, adjustable dividers – Feb 2022

HIGHLANDER 2HSL -(SOLD) water, beds, flyscreens, black chequerplate, dark grey with new Discovery graphics. – Dec

HIGHLANDER 2HSL – standard – Feb 2022

ULTIMA 2HSL – standard – Jun 2022

2HAL – Jun 2022

3HAL – Jun 2022



2HAL -front tack box, front enclosed rug rack, swinging head dividers – Jan 2022

3HAL – front tack box, front enclosed rug rack, swinging head dividers – Feb 22

2HAL – kitchen, bunks/table, full dividing wall, swing out tack box. – Mar 22

FILLY 3350 2HSL – tack box -Apr 22

FILLY 2900 2HSL – no tack box



3HAL – (arrived early!) front tack box, rubber kickboards to rump, upgraded padded dividers, rug rack to rump, swing out tack box, swinging head dividers. – July

3HAL – reverse angle,  kickboards to rump, padded dividers, front partition along 1st divider. – oct

2HAL – warmblood/racing, front tack box, rug rack to front, swinging head divider, kickboards to rump, upgraded dividers – sep

2HSL – (SOLD) warmblood/wide body, front tack box, rug rack, breech gates, no rear leg – Sept

2HAL – front tack box, rug rack to rump, upgraded padded dividers – Oct

2HSL – padding, side/rear canvas covers – Oct