Project Description


Reg:         Q20043  Exp:          12/12/2019

Tare:        960           GVM:       2000               VIN: 6T9T27V9730ZAP006

  • Front tack box, front external access door, internal door in top, light with switch, saddle rack, bridle hooks, extra cupboard with internal access
  • Removable padded, split, curved, adjustable height chest bars
    • Padded breech gates
    • Removable padded divider
    • Removable head divider
    • Rubber lined internal steel walls with generous padding
    • Hardwood floor with glued rubber
    • Front mesh rug rack
    • Spring loaded tail gate
    • Vinyl storm cover
    • Stone guard to front and wheel guards
    • Internal light with switch
    • Swing up jockey wheel
    • Large front window
    • Sliding side windows with safety bars
    • 2 PA doors with kick panels
    • 5 light truck tyres
    • Hydraulic brakes, plus park brake
    • Side steps
    • Filled in A frame
    • Pop up roof vent
    • Recessed tie points



  • Height 7ft2 (2180)
  • Bay length 5ft9 (1750)
  • Bay width between pads 2ft2 (660)