The cleverly designed yard panel that folds out to be a double panel, saving you space on your float or truck, easy to use, smart looking and value for money!

Double-Up Standard 2 Rail Horse panels

  • Made from 25mm galvanized square tube
  • Measuring 2000mm long (4000mm when double panel is opened out to form 2 panels)
  • 1250mm high
  • 570mm gap between top and bottom rail
  • 630mm gap between bottom rail and ground
  • 15kg per double panel
  • Panels can be custom made to suit your requirements
  • Standard 2-Rail Yard Float or Truck Mounting Brackets available & In-Stock Regularly.

Note: Carrying 7 x 2-Rail Double panels on one side is the legal maximum width on side of your float. This is enough panels to form yards for 2 horses, to create adjoining 4m square yards.

  • 3 Double Panels creates 1 x stand alone Small Pony Sized 3m Hexagonal Yard
  • 4 Double Panels creates 1 x stand alone 4m Square Yard
  • 7 Double Panels creates 2 x adjoining 4m Square Yards (one panel forms dividing wall)
  • 8 Double Panels creates 2 x stand alone separate 4m Square Yards

Double-Up Panels are made to the guidelines recommended by Equestrian Australia (EA)

Price List

  • Standard Double Panel: $210
  • Mounting bracket (set 4): $340
  • Mounting bracket (set 7): $350
  • Electric fence kit: $115    Extra pigtails: $9 ea
  • Saddle racks (interchangeable): $115
  • Float attachments: $35
  • Set 4 yard panels (1 large yard): $840
  • Set 7 yard panels (2 adjoining yards): $1470

*3 Rail Panels: $255

* Stallion Panels: $275

* Pony Panels: $210